The discovery of vulnerability ” zero day ” in the browser Safari, and permit the hackers to take full control of the Mac


Safari is the default browser in the Apple devices equipped with iOS and MacOS. It’s browser is fairly decent, but unfortunately, it seems that it is not necessarily the safest browser. This according to direct the show how to hack this browser in the conference of security researchers that was recently held in the Canadian city of Vancouver.

According to the act, it seems that it was the discovery of a loophole security issues in the browser Safari. Allowed the gap first to avoid the box Apple TV built-in ( Sandbox ), despite the fact that this vulnerability was bad, only that the vulnerability was actually more interesting because it allows hackers to access both the source and Mac which means that these pirates in theory take over your computer completely.

What is of concern is some thing about this is that this is not the first time he used the pirate browser Safari in Mac. Returning to the year 2018, there was a security hole similar ( Day Zero ), which allowed a hacker to take control in the Bar Touch Bar in computers and MacBook laptops. The good news is that Apple is aware of the existence of one of these vulnerabilities two security at least, is supposed to be familiar with now holes security the second.

We hope that you Apple released an update in the near future to close these security gaps, the good news is that we have not yet heard of any person affected by it. Got the researchers who discovered these vulnerabilities on the reward money of $ 45 thousand USD. You can read more details on the location of the ZDI.

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