The discovery of new evidence suggesting that Apple is working on the development of modems 5G own

Apple Company

For a relatively long time, rumored that Apple to develop chips of their own. For buy like to do everything myself where possible, it makes sense already. Now, according to a recent report from the newspaper The Telegraph, There is more evidence that Apple is already working on the development of modem 5G.

According to the report, it refers to that earlier this year, succeeded Apple in polarization the main architect of Intel, Mr. Umashankar Thyagarajan work for it. This is already confirmed by the official account for Umashankar Thyagarajan on the LinkedIn network, it is now known that the architect of the previous Intel is now working at Apple. Managed the newspaper The Telegraph also get an email leaked, an electronic message, where he explained executives at Intel how Game Umashankar Thyagarajan a major role in the development of a modem of the Intel that was used in the iPhone made Apple to be launched in 2018, and how the project was to project the development of a modem and 5G in Intel.

It seems that the success of Apple in the woo engineer Umashankar Thyagarajan was enough to force Intel to modify the draft 5G. As you all have heard probably, has announced Intel a few days ago they decided to stop developing modems 5G designed for smart phones, the decision comes from the police not succeeded Apple reach settlement with Qualcomm after years of legal battles, a settlement that would allow for Apple to use the modem and 5G, a subsidiary of Qualcomm in future models of the iPhone.

Recently only, we also heard that Apple was on the verge of Acquisition section in charge of chip development season in the company of Intel, but has not been confirmed until now.

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