The discovery of a security loophole vote due to be launched outside the Google Play

Avoid company Epic Games launch free at the Google Play to improve yourself 100% of the proceeds of the game; you can Google for yourself 30% of the proceeds from each application store play.

Said Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games earlier this month “the 30% enormous does not correspond to the service store, of the completion of the payment procedures and the provision of bandwidth to download applications and customer service.”

And so it was on the who want to download free orientation to the site and download the installation file which facilitates management download free to the user device, and therein lies the vulnerability.

Any application received permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE could replace the installation file the APK immediately after downloading files install the fake, resume installer free download file fake on the user’s device.

In other words, program install free on Android includes a loophole that allows installing malicious software on devices, as that the defect exists with the Samsung that can download the game from the store Galaxy.

According to an engineer working for Google, “the Application Programming Interface to follow the Galaxy are checking the ignition PACKAGE NAME APK on com.epicgames.fortnite, what allows to install malicious files fake of the same name” .

Free launched version 2.1 of the installation file to address the problem, and had asked Google not to detect vulnerabilities only after 90 days, a period sufficient to install the users the new update, but Google didn’t give them a non-standard Article a week.

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