The discovery of a loophole to security issues in the browser Safari during the event Pwn20wn 2018


It is rare, if not impossible to be software not quite figure out hacking or exploitation, and this is the reason for important updates and why reward corporate developers who find security vulnerabilities that can be exploited in the processes of hack. In fact, in the event Pwn20wn 2018 recently, it has been a number of operations to hack the browser Safari.

During the event, the researchers succeeded gung who were present at the event to hack the browser Safari is not just once, but twice, has been the discovery of a vulnerability of two exploited in the hack in 30 minutes, and in 3 attempts, while it took the process of discovering the vulnerability of the other four attempts. Regardless of the number of attempts, the fact that these vulnerabilities exist is the most important thing.

One of the operations of the hack targeted injection of nuclear code source to exploit the browser, while took the third gap some weaknesses in the browser Safari to escape from the Sandbox. Has been granted to researchers successful $ 65 thousand and $ 55 thousand dollars respectively. But the good news is that it was from the natural presence of representatives of companies, including Apple.

Also been briefed on all the security loopholes that were discovered during the competition until it is fixed in future updates. It is not clear how long will be issuing these updates, but we hope that these security vulnerabilities is not so severe may be serious consequences if it is exploited on the ground.



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