The disclosure of the second generation of AMD processors Ryzen

Ryzen 3900

Through the Computex 2019 displaced the giant tech red AMD unveiled the second generation of processors Ryzen achieved a lot of success for the company and that managed to bring her back to the front of the competition with Intel again. The second generation of processors Reisen would likely involve beating heart for the new generation of Sony and Microsoft home.

The second generation of processors-Ray store has been synthesized on a core size of 7 nm and is supports up to 12 real kernel, 24 kernel fake. These processors based on the architecture of the Zen 2 and it is compatible with the motherboard AM4 current. Processor Ryzen 9 3900X is the flagship of these products and is working 12 real kernel, as stated before to be the first processor to present video games with this number of nuclei.

And up the memory cache in this processor to 70MB, and the electric power consumption is estimated at 105 watts only. The processor works at a speed of 3.8 GHz it is not possible to reach 4.6 GHz using the technique of payment, and will apply this wizard on July 7, priced at$499.

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