The disclosure of the date of the issuance of a Samsung phone rollaway

Recent reports confirmed reveal today which will be the version of company Samsung for its folding, the long-awaited by the users, where indicated that it would continue the celebrations the company the tenth anniversary of the appearance selections of Galaxy, would see the phone light through the next month already?

Foldable phone

Since that announced Samsung on it the process of issuing a foldable phone, conversations are not interrupted from the date of its issuance and its price, to now come the Wall Street Journal is famous, and from the material perspective, the release of the Samsung controversial.

Confirmed Gazette International that the appearance of a Samsung phone rollaway, it would be through the occupation of the company the tenth anniversary of Galaxy devices, indicating that those reserves expected to be in the 20th of February next, to reveal through them for the phone dazzling finally in San Francisco, and in the English capital of London.

I didn’t talk to the now official name for this phone, but it might be one of the names “Fold”, ”the Galaxy Fold”, “Galaxy F”, note that previous reports indicated that the value of the phone price will remain 1170 dollars, but noted then that it will be released during the month of March or April.

Specifications confirmed

Explained Samsung by to phone rollaway will display “Infinity Flex”, during the conference the developers in November of last year, which confirmed that the public across the width of the screen by a clamshell phone, holds the screen become traditional when folded.

Up space screen the Samsung when not attached to about 7.3 inch, works across operating system Android, in particular, such as “App Continuity”, which allows the user to access the same application whether the phone was pleated or outdoor without any problem.

It was the reports of the subsidiary of international data IDC, had alluded to a marked decline in the sales of phones of the largest global companies, where he revealed the descent of the shipments of phones increased by 6% for the world during the third quarter of last year, in a sign that falling sales of Samsung has reached 2%, but returned and confirmed that that company is the best market to 20% of the sales world, in front of 15% of Huawei, and 13% for Apple.

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