The disclosure of the application of Chinese warn the person when you approach bloggers

Authorities in China a new application, is designed to control the processes of borrowing funds, through the detection of the debtors when you approach them to a distance of 500 meters, what he called the application “a map of bloggers hungry”.

The application of detection of smokers

At the time of confirming the Chinese tradition on the importance of saving money, instead of resorting to borrowing, and then spending of borrowed money, developed the Chinese authorities application of the controversial, works to reduce opportunities leveraged in a different way too, as the app works which is known as “map-smokers-hungry”, to alert the person when you approached the person of the director, with the distance of 500 meters or less, with the possibility of access to the simply cross-platform messaging months in China, WeChat.

Works application to expose the position of the person of the debtor on the map electronic, it is surely even now the application detects the name or image of a person, and that the Chinese authorities did not explain how the borrowed money that will put the person on that map.

For their part, see the newspaper “China Daily” is widespread in China, which highlighted the exciting news via its pages, the app gives the opportunity for ordinary citizens, for the control of the debtors and the allocation of them at the same time, and in light of the lack of welcome Chinese traditions’re leveraged than the others.

System credit social

Description of the App talk to that part of social credit system, which is an extension to the credit score past of the people, what will become mandatory by 2020, a system that has aroused controversy since it was unveiled, because it judged a person based on several criteria, including its ability to pay its debts, as well as his behavior while riding public transportation.

Even now, I still apply the system referred to, is gradually in China, where she is co-director of through technology platforms private protect personal data of citizens, such as Alibaba and Tencent and other platforms that fall under the control of WeChat, notes that the state has now a black list, preliminary, containing the names of some persons and numbers of their own cards, where the campus of more than 6,000 citizens of the riding of planes or trains or out of China, in the period between June and January, either to their inability to repay debt or to commit errors by public transport.

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