The director of finance to buy the Huawei transaction in Canada, out on bail with conditions

12-12-2018 14-07-15

In the past week, was the arrest of the director of finance to buy the Huawei, Ms. Meng Wanzhou during the encounter with the airlines in Canada at the request of law enforcement of America on the grounds that it helped Huawei in the download on the US sanctions imposed on Iran and North Korea by lying to the banks to help in the removal of the financial transactions that confirm the violation of the company to U.S. sanctions on Iran.

Today, was the release of Ms. Meng Wanzhou from custody after paying bail of US $ 7.5 million after three days of court hearings, according to CNN. Approved Ms. Meng Wanzhou on the delivery of the passports to them and pay for the personal security guard of her house in the Canadian city of Vancouver. As agreed to wear a bracelet tracking using GPS with a curfew so we have to stay in her home between 11 p.m. and six a.m. each day.

Lawyer said Ms. Meng Wanzhou, they do not intend to flee because they own a home in Vancouver 15 years ago, and that would humiliate her family, and herself, and Huawei, and the Chinese government. Terms include a release by the payment of $ 2.2 million as rights to housing and water as collateral in the event of escape.

As the president had suggested to Donald Trump that he had ” interfered ” in the issue in the case if the benefit from the trade deal with China, which is the page that many people it would be the biggest trade deal ever.

This only increases the tension between the United States and China, especially if we know that this comes shortly after the start of the other states the Prohibition of the use of communication equipment manufactured by Huawei due to security concerns, which increased from the wrath of Chinese officials, and Huawei. During this period where the tension is severe among the governments of America and the Chinese, the arrest and ongoing legal will only lead to exacerbated the situation between the two forces.



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