The difference between the speed of the data connection, Wi-Fi in the Arab states

Whichever is faster for surfing the internet on your phone or tablet: Wi-Fi or data connection on? Maybe he’ll get a lot for Wi-Fi, but the study of OpenSignal, the New stating that is not the case in many states.

Increase the average speed of the data connection in 33 countries around the world on average Wi-Fi speed in the case of the use of mobile devices, it was found that the speed may reach up to 15 Meg gained in some cases, knowing that this study covered 80 countries differ in their economic circumstances and demographic.

The study emphasized on the rotation speed of the conversion and in the general states, also revealed that with the support of hardware and communications networks of the fourth generation became users SAPS half of data consumption on watching videos.

In the table below you will find a big difference between the speed of the data connection and Wi-Fi including in the state of Qatar, where links to 11.8 Meg gained per second and not in Saudi Arabia, Algeria, where up to 1.6 and 1.2 Meg gained, respectively.

One of the most important reasons for the slow speed of Wi-Fi networks is their reliance often on connections to the fixed network that changes its speed depending on the internet package involving the user, which is not available in the case of cellular communication usually, and solutions to fixed networks such as ADSL and VDSL need for maintenance is not often occur because of the requested amendment to a city’s infrastructure.

One of the other factors is that mobile devices don’t typically support the scope of the 5 cars where the only hardware manufacturer to support antennas 2.4 right which is the range affected by the speed of the internet significantly negative case of many devices connected to the network.

Source: OpenSignal.pdf

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