The difference between OLED technology and technique QLED

This topic is the difference between OLED technology and technique QLED appeared on Engadget.

What is OLED technology? a

Use OLED technology pole of graphene contains an electronic and a protein matrix and arranged, but is stimulated bumping proton electron out photon light every pixel shines by itself resulting in exchange of an infinite and black checkered. And this means there is no backlight to the same concept of LCD technology, and rates quick update and brightness is perfect. If you watch TV with OLED for the first time will give you a feeling rare that you saw something very special.

What are the technical QLED is?

And it’s supposed to use the technique of QLED same TV technology is OLED hand the emission of the self light, so that they think are quantum dot light-emitting on its own any quantum dot light Emitter, but without the extra background, but you can’t TVs QLED at the current time Samsung do this, and in fact it’s been put just filter the colors of the point in front of the screen of the LCD backlight. It is too early to call it the name of the QLED, and must be called QLCD-LEDs.

Don’t believe the diodes the quantity of the gas product to light in the panel QLED own light, but instead is lit up by the backlight, just like any LCD TV. And this is why it is not as thin as OLED TVs.

What are the brands which support OLED and QLED for?

And worth mentioning is the production of OLED panels by LG Displays, while the panels are produced QLED by Samsung.

And most brands of the TV use OLED technology, believing it is superior technology for image quality. Where it is hard to disagree on that, but even though LG and Sony and Panasonic and TP Vision (under the trademark Philips in the UK) and Loewe and Bang & Olufsen, SKYWORTH and ChangHong, are all selling TVs with OLED, the prices of these TVs will be extremely expensive. Where can’t the manufacturer of LG Display production of OLED panels enough to make a low cost, which makes TVs, OLED looks like a technology dedicated TV devices leading only.

Create Samsung use OLED technology in 2014 because of the low productivity of production, and only began to talk about the technical QLED again in 2017. They are now trying to mainstream technology through the involvement of other companies.

And although the number of brands that use QLED less, but Samsung has the work of the Union and which included companies Hisense and TCL, and in April 2017 to work with in order to develop the technique of QLED and fight the growing use of the color of OLED in TVs.
And works this union at the present time the widespread use of the technique of QLED in China, which is the largest market for television in the world.

Do I need to buy a TV QLED or OLED TV’s?

If you want a TV pilot to a 55-inch, then purchase the OLED TV, since both technologies at the same price in this size. And with that, if you have other plans, you will find it difficult to choose. And that’s because it’s sandwiched between the LG company which produces all panels OLED devices and Samsung, which produce panels of all the organs of the QLED, but it will depend on how much they spend, and which brand to choose.

The future technology OLED and technical QLED

And if you want the best picture quality, our advice is simple. Buy a OLED TV. However, the image quality close to assess the QLED, and in addition, you may not continue this situation for a long time because the so-called TVs QLED may get rid of the backlight of the LCD to become technical QLED real and appropriate.

And it is said that what is called the TVs QLED and that you will come to the concept of emission of the self light, which will combine the high lighting cost and market materials beautifully crafted for OLED which combines the advantages of two screens, will be available from Samsung in the year 2019.

At present, the OLED technology represents the best technology for TV and the most expensive, but unless you use LG Display to increase the rate of production significantly and create more for young ladies, the future for television the dominant can belong to the technique of QLED.


This topic is the difference between OLED technology and technique QLED appeared on Engadget.

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