The development of the first fingerprint reader built-in LCD display,

No longer reader the compact footprint network the preserve of flagship phones, even the finest phones available support, but in all cases requires the presence of a screen of the type of Olid.

Request screen Olid attributed to that the light transmittance, helping to capture images of a fingerprint, a feature not enjoyed by the LCD. But thanks to the efforts of companies manufacturing the phones, the company announced Forstense the development of a successful solution to use the reader fingerprint with LCD screens.

The developers say that the achievement was made after a review and improve the system of helping the reader insight visual through modifications and improvements on the panel backlight LCD, what helped to overcome previous issues such as the impact of the footprint on the quality of the screen display and the accuracy of imaging the fingerprint.

As police used algorithm for deep learning dependent on the neural network to improve the speed of response with the LCD screens, the company claims that the speed of response is comparable to the footprint of the traditional behind the phones or the built-in button home.

This is a significant achievement due to the adoption of LCD screens are much cheaper than monitors Olid, augur well for a technical for phones medium and low, according to the director of products Shawnee are expected to access their phones by the end of the year or the beginning of 2020.

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