The developers of Tron partially copied code Ethereum and other projects

Research company Digital Asset Research found that the Tron code was partially copied from other cryptocurrency projects. Lines of code took from Ethereum, the fact of borrowing has tried to disguise.

Copying Ethereum

At the end of 2017, the Tron project has been accused of violation of the LGPL. Then the client Java-Tron used one of the first libraries Ethereum — EthereumJ, and in the project not mentioned. Later the license was added to 14 files. Despite this, researchers found DAR other files from EthereumJ that was copied and slightly modified.

Some feature names have changed, and there is no reason to do this, only if the project is not trying to hide the plagiarism.

Problems Tron

In addition to future legal problems for the project, there are a number of possible technical difficulties. DAR say that these copy parts of the product with a different architecture may have a negative impact on the security of Tron. Vulnerabilities that do not affect the original product, can be relevant to the copy.

As a rule, DAR performs technical expertise of cryptocurrency projects to their clients. The examination includes an overview of the entire code base, which was done for Tron. Usually the results of expertise to clients and companies who want to secure their investment. However, if researchers find something useful for the whole cryptocurrency community, they share it.

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