The developers of cryptocurrency Apollo suspected same. What’s wrong with Aldona?

According to one Reddit user, Aldon Apollo has all the hallmarks of a Scam. The man under the nickname RossyRoffle claims that the project has a lot of “redflags” on Wallpaper, behavior of the team and even the destiny of cryptocurrencies.

Among the main evidence RossyRoffle is almost completely dead Github team Apollo. Despite all the grandiose ambitions (the project is positioned as the next “killer Bitcoin“), programmers almost never put any effort to achieve his goal. Besides for them not once noticed the proliferation of fake news and false statements.

How to identify a Scam in cryptocurrency

On the official website Apollo developers took the coin wide range of applications — create token-private transaction, the use of smartcontract and even the distribution of files. In other words, all in one.

RossyRoffle denies this information. According to him, the usual APL is a fork of NXT with a reduced generation time block. The project is a “minor change”, but the overall picture they have virtually no effect. Even the website made using Wix, which speaks to the inexperience of the authors of the Scam.

Community Apollo, there is a strict censorship. Administrators group of the project in the Telegram banyat for any issues that somehow undermine the credibility of the developers. For example:

  • how is this coin different from NXT?
  • why developers ban people for the usual questions?
  • how they plan to integrate the promised sharding in the first quarter of 2019, if on Github, there is no code?
  • privacy this project is really better than Monero?

Source: The Telegram

RossyRoffle urged all concerned to join APL in the Telegram and ask there the questions above. Finally, the user is presented another embarrassing fact from the past of Steve Maccalla, Creator of the project. A couple of years ago he created a fake campaign to raise funds on Kickstarter. After collecting about 30 thousand dollars Steve was gone. To collaborate to “attack” on Apollo in our cryptodata.


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