The developer uses ARKit to bring the horror film ” The Ring ” to life

The Ring

We know that Apple is interested in technology, augmented reality, President CEO of Apple, Mr. Tim Cook showing us some of the benefits of this technology several times in the past. I have also seen Apple collaborate with other companies to assist in the use of this technology, whether it is in order to help users put the glasses to default on the person’s face or help them choose where to put their furniture.

However, it seems that the developer Abhishek Singh came up with an innovative way to scary to take advantage of package software development of augmented reality ARKit provided by Apple for developers to re-create the scene of ominous of Japanese horror film The Ring. And for those who haven’t seen the movie The Ring before, he talks about the bar is cursed to cause the death of every person watching.

Those who watch the tape they’ll see the ghost ” Sadako ” climbs from the well and then crawls to the living room, their own TV, this is exactly the scene that the developer Abhishek Singh re-create it using the ARKit. While Abhishek Singh is certainly not the first to re-create this scene, we believe that its version is at least the best of what we’ve seen so far.

He’s even written is another step forward in that through its application, it would be Ghost ” Sadako ” able to follow users throughout their homes depending on where you refer to their camera. The scene on the ghost Sadako may not be the most realistic, but it is still very scary.

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