The developer told about the danger of shortcuts for iOS

Scripts for app Shortcuts, the Russian-speaking users better known under the name “Team”, can contain harmful components. This was reported by a service developer Codea – twolivesleft. He found out that one such script, supposedly designed to clean RAM on iOS devices, collected confidential data of their victims, then send them in the form of automatically generated files via iMessage to its creators.

According to the developer, the script was to gather data in a wide range – from contact list and browser history to the files recorded in the memory of infected devices. To learn about the secret activities of the script, the ordinary user it is practically impossible, says the author of the study. To protect themselves, the attackers used the standard base64 encoding, which allowed them to hide the transactions they created the script.

What is dangerous scripts for iOS

“I have revealed all the details to Apple and hope that they will take appropriate measures in the near future. But the more popular become the script for “Commands”, the more people need to know exactly how they could be abused,” wrote the developer on his page on Twitter.

Despite the fact that an inexperienced user really will not be able to detect the malicious script, you need to remember that the shortcuts, the authors of which promise to increase productivity, optimize energy consumption or the cleanup, most likely trying to trick you. Numerous experiments have already proved that iOS, unlike Android, does not require external tools to improve the efficiency of its work, and deleting the cache, or force close running background apps do not affect the performance of any influence.

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