The developer moved the Night mode Sight of the “Google Camera” smartphones LG

The Camera app from Google, designed exclusively for smartphones line Pixel may well work properly on devices of third-party brands. It proved developed by enthusiast with a nick cstark27, firing Assembly adapted for multiple smartphone of LG company. The app, despite some failures that occur in the process of operation allows you to take pictures of high quality, especially in low light conditions with the Night Sight.

At the moment portirovaniyu app fully works with four smartphones: LG V20, LG V30, V35 LG LG G6. Two devices of the manufacturer — LG ThinQ LG G7 V40 — Camera-compatible part. This means that in the process of using these devices may appear minor glitches that do not have a fundamental influence on the implementation of the application of their functionality, including shooting with the use of lightening night shots Night Sight.

How does the Night Sight

Unlike traditional modes of night shooting, just vykruchivatsya ISO values camera smartphone to the max in the work of the Night Sight are utilized neural network. In the process of shooting they analyze the frames using enormous database of photos taken in low-light conditions, and on their basis clarified those fragments where necessary. Thus, output images are obtained, as if they were made using professional equipment and not on a mobile device.

But as with any SOFTWARE, sometimes Night Sight is not working properly, excess brightening the frame. In such cases, even those photos which are specially created dark, after processing, neural networks do not differ from daytime.

Download the Google Camera on your smartphone is possible via this link.

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