The details of the paradigm for smartphones with the Snapdragon 855

تفاصيل النقلة النوعية للهواتف الذكية مع Snapdragon 855

We talked in a previous article yesterday about the launch of the Qualcomm chip Snapdragon 855 but she didn’t know about a lot of details during disclosure, but it has now provided sufficient didn’t you say chips and processors inside of her to the world of smartphones which will be launched in 2019; the company focused on direction, camera, artificial intelligence, and gaming and entertainment.

The company says that the chip will connect to a modem connection to the X24, which can transfer data up to 2 giga bytes per second with LTE early on (Cat.20) which means that it will be the fastest in the world in this area, and, of course, different season for the X50 ad hoc fifth generation 5G, where the company said that modem fifth generation will be in the Snapdragon 855 based on the wishes of the manufacturers provide a technical failure in its phones, this will make contact much faster too, as that X50 will enable the phones to support the aimed short ” mmWave” and long to connect up to 6 GHz to take full advantage of the technologies of the fifth generation.

And on the same side, the company said that the chip will support the Wi-Fi network 6 is the fastest and the latest, which will appear for the first time on smartphones thanks to her, will be able to transfer data up to 10 giga bytes per second.

On the other side, the phones that carry the chip will provide 20% performance fee of the best of the past thanks to the processor embedded graphics chip Adreno 640. When will the central processor Kryo 485 in chip development performance by 45% on the previous thanks to the presence of eight nuclei in it; as happens inside the nucleus of a major, three nuclei to accelerate the performance, the four nuclei to raise the efficiency, which is what makes the wizard the fastest ever according to the company. Also, Qualcomm has added the chip to its processor Hexagon ad hoc techniques of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence

Tell Qualcomm that the three processors in the chip will work with to improve the techniques and results of artificial intelligence on the smart phones to fourth-generation technologies of artificial intelligence. And the company for its work with Google on the platform of the machine learning open source TensorFlow to improve the results of the phones, so that the platform Google Lens augmented reality will take advantage of during the definition of the device on the photo directly during capture without the need to scan using the network directly through the chip Snapdragon.

It is also not limited to image recognition and augmented reality technologies, but it will be speech recognition and text written directly. And besides, you’ll chip great potential for virtual reality and do some service, such as adding things to the office.

Not enough for Qualcomm at this point, where they will feature to isolate the person’s voice in calls for him or make it allowed more through the techniques of intelligence in the chip. Beside the ability of processors to isolate the captured images or from the internet through the work of distortion and blur on the rest part from any image.

Announced that Qualcomm, in its partnership with Nalbi specialized artificial intelligence which participated with them in improving their technology to provide multiple options to the user, for example, the company has developed a technology that allows using artificial intelligence techniques, due to the export and change the hair color like in actual time which allows you to choose the best color or cut before done in the right way.

The camera

You think the camera is a key part of artificial intelligence techniques particularly for smartphones, which is used by Qualcomm with the chip Snapdragon 855 which is provided with a processor central vision to exploit the techniques are actually various situations of personal photography aperture and insulation, as that of a processor, a mono audio updated Spectra 380 ISP will speed it beside its ability to reduce energy consumption 2-4 times more than the previous.

The company is in the chip technologies are enormous for the camera, where they can learn directly at the time of filming 60 frames per second on the photo such as aperture and separated directly without the need for re-treatment, which is similar during the filming of HDR or 4K, so that they can work blur or isolate a specific part directly during the export, so that the chip will help the cameras to change the background directly during filming, which heralds a new era is like “Chrome”, located on montage software to change video background.

For its part, the company has announced the adoption of the extension of the sound HEIF instead of JEPG, being the new extension, better for high resolution images and the details such as HDR, which makes phones with cameras three like to take photos of each lens and save them in one file within the extension HEIF which is what the Apple TV actually in its phones by processing the same image from each camera and combine it into one, but with the support of Qualcomm that feature the Android phones will be able to take advantage of them.


All of the reads submitted will be expected to talk about greater speed and higher efficiency for the processors compared with the previous, which actually exists, but with the Snapdragon 855 will be more of that, where they announced the Qualcomm platform Snapdragon Elite Gaming chip to improve the gaming environment and provide the advantages of the new phones.

Where the police will actually support software to provide Vulkan 1.1 which represents the library of image three dimensions, a technique that works to deliver high performance in playing time but less pressure which makes the games developers achieve the greatest benefit from smart phones to support their toys.

Since the chip will speed performance of the largest 20% of the time, it will be a suitable programme of games to OpenGL ES, as the performance will increase support for HDR so that it will provide the chip support up to 10 bit for the first time ever.

After the recent Qualcomm in its conference from those possibilities, there will be a big update from the developers of the games to achieve maximum benefit, particularly the presence of techniques HDR10+ and Dolby Vision to provide the depth and clarity of the highest, as well as making the games more vitality, next to the ability of the chip to provide high performance up to 120 frames per second and angle of panoramic photography 360 video and even the accuracy of 8K for use in virtual reality technologies.

Nurses in this also, that the chip Snapdragon 855 will help save energy up to 7 times more than before thanks to technology H. 265 and VP9.


Maybe the wait was mainly provided by Qualcomm for the fifth-generation 5G speed data transfer or even raise the processing speed, but the company was able to provide numerous techniques for the first time will rely on smartphones more; whether it be camera techniques provided by the video or audio, or in games, or even in the techniques of artificial intelligence several.

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