The details of the likelihood of Samsung over 5 years to establish a factory screens Beni Suef

Confirmed Samsung Electronics Samsung its total satisfaction on the experience of its creation plant in Egypt (factory Beni Suef), where the size of its investment in the Bank of approximately $ 270 million over 5 years, according to statements by Qassem Hassan, president of the tea sector at Samsung Egypt electronics.

Came the remarks during a press conference held by the police on the occasion of the passage of 5 years since the establishment of its factory in Beni Suef, has indicated the Samsung to they export their products to 36 countries in the Middle East and Africa, including Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Mali, Ivory Coast, in addition to a number of European countries and Russia.

And energy productivity the interests of Samsung in Beni Suef to 6 million devices per year, and export 80% to overseas, and Samsung to produce components industries feeder itself, such as the PVC window company, foam, cartons packaging, intends Samsung put up a new screen of the local market led by 82 inches during the month of January next.

According to Samsung, the number of direct employment in the plant reached 1400 worker technicians and engineer, of which 180 workers received training in South Korea on the latest technologies that depend on it Samsung globally.

According to Kassem well, Samsung intends its factory in Egypt, one of the top 5 sources in the world, which number fully 14 factories, especially that Samsung is now the largest exporter of technology in Egypt, which help Samsung to attract the foreign currency part of the resolution of the crisis of foreign exchange in Egypt.

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