The designer has introduced the concept of a modular Mac

Today, Apple sells only two computers in the form factor of the system unit is the Mac Mini and Mac Pro. And according to industrial designer Pierre Servo is not enough – the company must reflect on the implementation of the intermediate model. This computer, on the idea conceptualist, could be a Mac Evo.

His vision of a new product designer published on its website. It is noteworthy that the appearance of Mac Evo is a bit like a larger Mac Mini.

The author of the concept suggests that Apple is making a big mistake not focusing on the modularity of personal computers. Presented the project involves complete freedom users will be able to replace in Mac Evo processor, video card, RAM and drive. A new product is not restricted to connectors — there is everything you need, including ports Thunderbolt 3 and USB Type-A.

The second important difference is a special liquid cooling system, as in most modern PCs. This decision will allow to avoid overheating of internal components and reduce performance in the long-term demanding tasks.

The designer assumes that Mac Evo will be a good choice for those who are not performance Mac Mini. At the same time, the author stresses that such a computer should not be too expensive — from $ 1099 to $ 2999, depending on configuration.

Of course, the concept of Mac Evo looks promising, but alas, to wait for a cheap modular computer from Apple is not worth it. The company has long departed from this practice, and for several years uses a motherboard with soldered components.

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