The designer has introduced the concept of a foldable iPhone

It is no secret that the device is a new technological trend of the smartphone market. Just a month ago, at MWC 2019, we showed the first foldable smartphones — and, according to corporate officials, it is not concepts, and quite ready for sales of the device. To talk about the potential of this smartphone is still early – who knows how the market will react. However, the designers already know what could be foldable iPhone.

One such project was the concept of the iPhone Fold, which is represented by the industrial designer Antonio De Rosa on the famous platform Behance. Let’s take a look at it.

Apparently, the designer was inspired by a folding smartphone Samsung — shows a device very similar to Galaxy Fold in its form factor.

Folded iPhone X Fold got pretty impressive in size the display by as much as 6.6 inches. In the expanded format, the screen becomes even more of 8.3 inches. The author of the project emphasizes that both matrices are of the highest quality. The pixel density of 514 per inch. However, the famous “notch” is left in its place.

The Creator of the concept believed that the operating system will use all the advantages of folding devices. For example, on the desktop is a place for widgets. In operation, it will be possible to use a smartphone as a laptop. Looks interesting, although the question of comfort remains open.

The designer is sure that the alleged iPhone will receive triple Fold camera module with theme Huawei Mate 20 Pro. However, the capabilities of the camera, the author of the project decided to hold back.

The designer even worked on the box of the future device — giving it a kind of triangular shape. Looks pretty original.

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