The design of the new development of Twitter for ios to the importance of the numbers of “full Awl”

Conducted site Twitter is a new change applied on the system ios, which makes the number up to two less visible through the REDUCE font size, as it comes to the change after he said”Jack Dorsey” chief executive of the company repeatedly he wants to re-think how to lead the company to give priority to the talks “with the point” more attention to numbers like ” Lat” and “low”.

And the numbers of followers is just one part of the information which has been canceled emphasized by the redesign of the new, as said a Twitter spokesperson to The Verge that other details such as sites, birthdays, dates of Accession and settings the following has become the youngest also, as the changing sizes of the writing and the distances to prioritize some of the information profiles of the users.

Although the change is simple, but it’s part of the plans of Twitter to rework some of the features of the basic system, it is by reducing the font sizes, do not focus the users attention on the figure.

It is worth mentioning that Dorsey confirmed in previous interviews repeatedly indicated that he would like considered the number of followers is less significant advantage in personal files for users, concern for the number of follow-up account, Dorsey is considered that it stimulates individuals to publish content more polarized has the ability to spread viral and attract more followers, which creates a speech more division medal on the podium.

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