The design of the Imagine system iOS 13 displays many of the expected benefits

Imagine design imagine for iOS 13 by the designer Álvaro Pabesio what can be achieved in the new system based on several expectations. Includes design features to expand the desktop between the iPad and macOS, Mail folder, and reminders, the index of the new sound, and night mode, and more.

First, the design and how it can apply the feature to share the screen between the iPad and macOS. There is also a notification center and re-design them.

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مزايا iOS 13

After that, you can take a look at how to improve the application Files through the side bar of my new, support external drive, and more.

مزايا iOS 13

Expected you to say Apple not only allow for the iPad work as an external display computers Mac, but also use the property of Continuity to allow for your iPad from pairing with the Mac to continue to work on such as drawing with the pen Apple.

مزايا iOS 13

For the new multitasking on the iPad and interfaces detachable, this concept takes the integration of iPhone apps with the iPad for a seamless experience.

مزايا iOS 13

Include other improvements on the iPad using the long press on the top button to switch between user accounts using Face ID, and description Bluetooth devices with the push of a button.

مزايا iOS 13

As the source said Álvaro introduced many new features available in iOS system 13 on the iPhone.

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