The design of the ARM’s new chip supports performance 60% faster in the technique of artificial intelligence

The company announced the ARM today from a new design may chip processor, special phones, which are designed to support the performance of the fastest in the technique of artificial intelligence by 60%, and the new design also supported improvements in the GPU.

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Revealed ARM during the events of Computex 2019 on two of the new designs may chip processor, which comes to support the performance of the best in the next generation of chips, the processor, also supports the processing unit, the graphics performance is better by 40% compared with GPUs G76, while the percentage of the performance of technology artificial intelligence in learning rapid to 60%, which supports the upgrade to the next versions of smart phones to a new level of IBC the.

Also features the design of the G77 consumes less of the battery by 30% through using less bandwidth by up to 40%, as characterized by the design of the Cortex-A77 a range of improvements compared to the بA76 possible to accurately manufacture 7 nm.

Recall that the new architectural treatments will subsequently be in a chip Qualcomm, Samsung and other manufacturers of processors, only that the level of performance of this design in the architecture will vary from chip to the other certainly.


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