The design of Snapchat the works on all users

تطبيق سناب شات

تطبيق سناب شات

I suffered a Snapchat of her rival instagram a lot during the past months, has shown the results of the last quarter in mid-2017 losses reached 400 million dollars she also said earlier this year laying off 10% of employees of the Department of development, she also said laying off 20 employees of the reasons for the lack of good growth for the group in January.

I have the impact version of instagram for the story that says the application Snapchat is a crutch only to the growth of the app properly, so that apps like instagram are easy to discover accounts and not on the idea of privacy in the first place, the immediate support instagram for story users found themselves surrounded much of the story because he is counting on since the beginning of his button-up and review of images in the timeline, so in the meantime you can visit any account and review your story without the follow-up to his originally, while you find the Snapchat before the re-design requires the addition of a specific person by the name of the user.

All of these factors prompted Snapchat to reconsider the design of their application so as to pay the user to spend a longer time in the app as stories popular to facilitate the addition of persons, right-click the subscription only, but did not provide in modern design, it came reaction angry by users where they mixed the stories of other people with very mixed community and untidy.

The Snapchat the education of a modern design optimized for today for all users which tested for a long time and works on the separation of stories added about the story blockbuster or a story that suggested by the app, and also works to separate the stories of your friends about conversations and communities.


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