The design of snapchat caused differences within the company before its launch and so it failed

The design of snapchat New is not satisfactory to its users, the recently released re-design is not, what indicated that changes were on the wheel, and today released a report gathered its information from sources inside the company snape confirm everyone’s doubts, as Evan Spiegel, President of snap, the Executive decided to launch a new design in spite of the development that has been on the wheel and poor test results.

The idea of changing the design of snapchat began the journey of Spiegel in China when he saw the applications is dependent on the algorithms and not the chronological order followed in the application of his company.

Then an order was issued to the engineers and designers working on new design and separation of content, friends of celebrity, to be the deadline after 6 weeks, forcing employees to work more than 12 hours a day throughout the week, though they failed to finish during the schedule.

And all of a sudden last November during the earnings announcement, snape, revealed the Spiegel about the design of snapchat New, which wasn’t erect yet, a sign that the staff of the snapchat were not aware of the schemes of the chief of police and were surprised by the just like.

In early December, I began to snap test changes applied, it is true that thinking on the story improved only to thinking in general saw a decline, despite the warning Spiegel by employees of the company, however, decided to launch a new design for the site in early 2018.

Cast perfectly, users comments are negative, however, officials of snape saw it as the reactions of “progress” and won’t last long and everyone on the new design, except that once you join celebrities like Kelly Jenner to campaign cash the design, they decided to retreat and began work on updating the design, where algorithms have led to the exclusion of so much content reverse chronological order previous which was showing content without discrimination.

So, read the Spiegel and management of wrong and not listened to the views of others led to the failure of the design of snapchat new, although designers have had their ideas can make a success of it and think it and avoid new users.

It is worth mentioning that the re-design of the new snapshot as the report is actually what was intended by the source since the start, where the ideas of the changes this time came from the design team without the intervention of the President of the company.

Re-design and new design (The story has been transferred to the tab Discover)

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