The design of Messenger new is now available for all users of Android and iOS

The company launched Facebook app Messenger new for all users both Android and iOS, where she had announced early last May at the developer conference, noting that the focus in the design basically will the main purpose of a conversation and view its elements are the simplest for the user without distracting attention on the ingredients and other characteristics of the host.

Became the update is available now for both systems via the Google Play App Store to be able to the user of the upgrade version of the diamond and the design of the new; which shows the application of conversation to one less complex are simple to the presence of the story in the top with focus to show Contacts on the main interface when you open it; at the same time hide the icons and symbols added in the bottom and top of the facade.

Where did not give up the house on those icons completely is hidden inside the list side can be accessed via the Icon (4 points) are additions specifically for this purpose. Perhaps at first glance will be the user weird design being adopted on the momentum of actually previous for quite some time, but with time you may see that the new design more effective and fast to connect and start conversations with friends.

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