The design of Huawei mate 20 is exposed in the leaked images

Leaked a vivid picture of alleged phone Huawei what 20 reveal phone support for a curved screen, similar to the screens of phones Galaxy flagship, but without the Parties to the side at all, while there’s a party top, bottom, two small, and without any cuts risk for P20.

Did not disclose the source on the screen size, but it will not say in any case about 6 inches present in about 10. It is said that phones it 20 May support OLED screens instead of LCD.

There is also a diagram for what 20 is in line with what the monitoring by the photo above, the screen of the Parties to the bending and the presence of the logo of Huawei the bottom of the screen. He also stressed support dual camera back, what makes us certain of the existence of a camera in about 20 Pro.

This is not available currently no official information about the phones it 20. Knowing that the phone is already monitoring on the platform she AnTuTu two months ago scored an amazing result, 356,918 point. As it is expected to be about 20, Michael 20 pro the first Huawei phones support address the Kern 980 new. As claimed by some theories that Huawei phone that shares the synthesized screen 6.9 inch is the same as what 20 Pro.

Source: Gizmochina

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