The design of both success and failure Johnny Ives know them

We mentioned in an earlier report on the adventure of Johnny Ives , the director of the Department of design at Apple for more than two decades. In this report we focus on 8 the design of the successful Johnny Ives an example of failed and successful beginning of your iMac G3 that has revolutionized then to the iPhone through again-iPod Hi-Fi keyboard, butterfly and mouse Apple Magic Mouse 2, which did not achieve any success. This shows that Johnny is not perfect despite the major successes achieved, but to clarify the difference between who wants success and maintain it and of standing at the or bump or failure remains by the end.

تصميمات ناجحة وأخرى فاشلة لجوني ايف تعرف عليها

Your iMac G3 1998

Of successful products, the iMac G3 of the devices that boosted the sport of Jony Ive design at Apple. It was multiple computer possibilities had the first color is dark green and after a while, the company launched other colors. It was sold with a mouse and a keyboard of the same color as the device. It was called “all in one” any screen and the motherboard and the Central Processing Unit and memory storage and all the interior trim for your pc in one box with the screen. Came screen is a 15 inch, processor PowerPC G3 speed of 233 MHz. RAM starting from 32 MB to 1 GB is accessed via a door down the device. Equipped with 2 MB Memory graphical. Fitted with hard drive sought to 4 GB, and it is easy to use, the speed of the internet connection “modem speed 56 KB”, this is the slot for the headset, and insert the microphone. The device was geared for the low price was then 1299 dollars.

USB mouse a hockey puck 1998

Of the products failed, it was the first USB mouse in the world shaped like a hockey puck, but it unfortunately did not achieve great success, as the round shape and small size make them uncomfortable in use, this however, they were rolling on all its aspects easily, as well as the basket it short. Some even criticized its promise of among one of the worst technology products that have been invented at all.

IPod 2001

Of successful products, was launched in October 2001 a design inspired by the radio pocket Braun T3, which was launched in 1958.

Was the iPod has a storage space of 5 GB. Not supports USB tethering only in 2004 after four generations of them, in this time he had control of the iPod on the portable music.

Power Mac G4 Cube 2000

Products actors, was launched on January 19, 2000. It was technologically great, started machine price of 1799 dollars and was high a lot of rivals in that time, and the reason for that rise in price is the attention to design and purity of the plastic and strength. This was a device in the form of a cube 7 inches in 7 inches of clear plastic so it looks you device afloat in the water in the centre of this cube. It was considered a revolutionary technology in terms of looks and design the power button, its touch.

Not only was this device works in complete silence as it was not equipped with any fans for cooling, it has adopted the Apple way convection “is that the molecules are hot after heating ascend to the top come the molecules cool down to replace them to heat up and then up comes another cool thus. The device processor G4 450 MHz, and the “RAM” 64 MB, storage 20 GB.

One of the reasons for the failure of this device is that it has not achieved great sales because of its high price. Also the occurrence of cracks in the plastic surrounding it. Pushing the jobs issue a decision to stop it after just one year of its issuance.

Headphones iPod 2001

Of successful products, it was attached with the iPod and became one of the early techniques most popular. With the evolution over the time has become to hear of AirPods design of the current icons of the modern age, now you see them everywhere, especially in the United States of America and the United Kingdom.

IPod Hi-Fi 2006

It was a lot of products iPod is successful except that the iPod Hi-Fi wasn’t the case. A speaker “headphones” made by Apple in February 28, 2006 to use music player works with a remote control it can be connected the iDevice-iPod. The failure of this device due to the high price compared to its peers since it came at the price of 349 dollars, as well as by the very limited functionality. From a design standpoint, I think where to put the iPod on the device is safe compared with other such as Bose SoundDock where the device is placed in the side and install the above 30 age.

Stopped Apple produced Hi-Fi in 2007. After just one year.

IPhone 2007

After that put iPod Apple TV on the upward path, came to the iPhone in June 2007 and put the Apple on the top of the pyramid of technology, in short iPhone is the chicken apple that sells gold over the course of 12 years.

IPhone 5C 2013

I think this iPhone from the mistakes of the Apple, the phone was launched alongside the iPhone 5S at a low price. But the features of iPhone 5S, especially to unlock the phone with the fingerprint of the finger is what makes most users reluctant to buy it for 5S. As well as was the design of the phone and the plastic does not suggest that the manufacture of Apple but rather just a copy in China, so playing the world of him, even young people preferred not to use it.

MacBook Air 2008

Of successful products, this machine features a thin and lightness of the salient and the laptop, the thinnest in the time where with a thickness of 1.93 cm in the most thickness and 0.4 cm in the region of least thickness as a weight of 1.36 kg. In order to reach such small size it does not need the reader-cylinder. It has a processor of Intel Core 2 Duo, the system has a magnetic lock and casing of aluminium.

Although the thinnest it has affected the size of its components as a solid small processor and small battery, is small, but it was the reason for the invention of a new category of laptops slim, such as “ultrabooks” from Intel then the Surface Pro from Microsoft, ASUS ZenBook, HP Spectre x360 and Dell XPS 13 and other other devices.

Mac Pro 2013

Approved by Apple to redesign the Mac Pro for 2013. Where it is designed to form a bin, as described, then Phil Schiller as proof that the company is still able to innovate! But he had not given this design eat it because of problems resulting from special high temperature.

Apple Watch 2015

The first of a new production line since the death of Steve Jobs, the Apple more smart watches popular, especially with Apple’s emphasis on mobile devices and health. There is no doubt that the first version of the clock was slow and lacked a lot but the Apple TV worked on it until the Square has become a symbol of elegance and familiar in much of the developed world.

The technique of 3D Touch or pressure reinforced

The idea of this technique is wonderful, they are doing the right mouse button to open more options, and she knew as Force Touch or pressing cardboard on the Apple Watch then I knew then that 3D Touch or multi-touch three dimensional. I didn’t check those technical use clear maybe not in use and do not provide more options, and even been ignored by a lot of people. In the end I started Apple in ignored and is expected to be replaced with a HAP to your touch in the devices 2019.

A small device present in the Apple Watch and the iPhone and MacBook since 2015 is a small engine care and provides feedback felt by the user when you click on certain things on your devices. Such as a button home in the iPhone 7 and 8 and touch panel on your Mac, it also depends of the designs of successful.

Keyboard butterfly

Take the adoption of thinness in devices a turn for the worse through the keyboard of the butterfly, which was introduced with the MacBook in the year 2015. Informed customers about various problems such as repeating it twice, from some keys, or know some other about work at all, the entry of dust under it easily which requires dismantling the entire machine to fix it. The highlight of this issue after the Wall Street Journal published an article about the problem, resulting in the adoption of the Apple and work to solve those problems.

Headphones AirPods 2016

Mocked a lot in the beginning of its design, but it quickly changed the landscape to their advantage and became popular.. This became the concept of Heaven Is “Fashion” that many seek to acquire them.

Magic Mouse 2 for 2017

It seems that Apple is facing difficulties in making the mouse comfortable, although the Magic Mouse first it was great but it wasn’t comfortable also. Also the Magic Mouse 2 the design of his error, which made the charging port on the bottom which means the impossibility to use the mouse while charging.

In spite of the failure of Apple in the design of some products but it did not stop there like other companies, but left behind her back and said reform and modernization even jumped leaps travel time and the speed of technological advances and keep up with the Times. As for us we have to look forward and not look back too long or the bottom of where the obstacles that DeLay who have preceded us in the prison of light.

What do you think of the design of Johnny Ive is? And if you don’t recall one of those designs that didn’t achieve the desired success, tell us in the comments.



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