The Deputy head of the government of the Russian Federation: convert crypto currency into rubles will harm the economy

Until recently, the adoption of legislation on the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia hindered position of the Central Bank. The Bank’s management opposed the exchange of coins for real money, while the Finance Ministry supported the idea. The first point of view was supported by the Deputy head of staff of RF government Maksim Akimov.

Prospects for the regulation of cryptocurrencies in Russia

Akimov predicted dire economic and social consequences in the case of the exchange of cryptocurrencies to real money, according to RIA.

Think it right that the Russian government has taken a careful, moderate stance, not allowing to make our economy a global “sandbox” for laundering criminal funds. Everyone understands that if we allow the conversion of cryptocurrencies to Fiat money, it will have dire consequences for the entire socio-economic system.

The official said the issue of tokens by a suitable means to attract investments in startups.

However, in the sphere of funding startups issue tokens, digital bond is applicable and effective.

The Deputy head of the government apparatus partially commented with courses coins.

It seems to me that the world of cryptocurrencies is waiting for a stabilization period after the rapid uncontrolled growth.

No doubt the adoption of the bill this year Akimova no. In which case to help experts.

There is a fork, and we’ll go with the experts.

I hope for an official permit exchange crypt for Fiat, albeit with the participation of intermediaries. Otherwise, the interest in buying tokens of different startups probably will fall significantly.

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