The Department for education has no plans to turn the blockchain into the school curriculum

Despite the rapid spread of courses in the blockchain, the UK Department of education eliminates the opportunity of studying cryptocurrency in schools. Instead, students will prepare a new programme of learning math and financial literacy, according to Bitcoinist.

Lessons for the study of the blockchain will be canceled

In a recent interview, a representative of the UK Department of education stated that schools do not plan to introduce new training programs directly related to cryptocurrencies. School leavers will have only basic knowledge related to the crypt areas.

We created a new program for math and did a study of financial literacy in high school is required. Computer training courses will give our graduates all the necessary knowledge for a detailed study or even creating new technologies.

General Director of the Mandala Exchange Nate Flanders expressed concern about the lack of teaching programming in schools.

At this stage of development of our education programming and blockchain have become key objects for the study of technology in basic education. School graduates have to obtain fundamental knowledge in these areas.

While in the UK still think of the innovations in the educational process, other countries are beginning to proceed to their practical implementation. Previously a teacher of history and literature Catholic schools in Scotch Plains said it plans to introduce the question of crypto-currencies in the course of business and Finance for high school students.

In higher education USA a study of cryptocurrencies already successfully taught. The students of the universities of California, Pennsylvania, new York and Stanford have the opportunity to attend a course of lectures on the subject. A team of professors from Oxford University also plans to create the first University on the blockchain in Europe.

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