The demo version of the update iOS 12.2 brings the advantage Downtime

Offer Apple a new feature in the next update of iOS 12.2 allow users phones the iPhone to determine the time to use the app on the phone where you know Water new بDowntime.


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More nurses that have been monitored in the demo version of the update iOS 12.2 which allows the company Apple in the coming period for users phones iPhone control at the time of use of the applications through advantage of Downtime.

I have submitted a feature Downtime differently in a lot of smartphones that launched recently which I knew بDo Not Disturb, where the aim is mainly to support users to intervene in time to use some applications in smart phones, it is possible that it may not interest a lot of users, but it has become part of the updated platform smart phones already.

It is planned that this feature is available to users of the iOS platform via the Settings tab, in Screen Time, where the user can adjust the Settings feature Downtime daily to allow access to specific applications throughout the day.

Recall that the demo version of iOS 12.2 available at the time of the current developers, has revealed already about some details about the new version of the Bluetooth Apple wireless AirPods 2 calls take voice commands for Siri, along with the plans of Apple to release a new version of the iPod Touch.


I know of

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