The demo version of the game Call of Duty Mobile coming this week on iOS

An announcement that one of the big names in the world of games PC and games coming for both iOS and Android is as a huge benefit too. I told the company Activision developer of the game, that the version of the Call of Duty Mobile is coming to smartphones by the pilot during this week.

Come game five modes of multiplayer include the development of Deathmatch which is always popular, and put Free-For-All solo, وFrontline, the وHardpoint, the وDomination. Includes all mode support up to 10 players (5 against 5), while the mode Free-for-all supports eight players maximum. Will include game also seven maps, and it seems that it will project between the maps big and small.

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لعبة Call of Duty Mobile

You’ll boost your game with one simplified, so that there will be no single-player mode, so after clicking on a plate put Multiplayer or multi-player, you will be taken directly to the main menu, where your character is customizable.

لعبة Call of Duty Mobile

The game will have more settings and options of many of the weapons and equipment the next in the series of Call of Duty including Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

لعبة Call of Duty Mobile على آيفون

For the control system in the game, they will be used to put Gyropscope (rotation of phone) inside your device to help you aim if you want to use it. You can also choose the “simple mode” or “advanced mode” of your controls.

You can subscribe to or record prior to the game on iOS or Android via the following link receive the latest updates and information, access to the public beta coming this summer in designated areas.

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