The demand for wearable devices in China is growing thanks to the wireless headsets


The IDC is specialized in market research today detects export statistics relating to market wearable devices in China. According to analysts, has shown all the major companies improvement in sales due to increasing interest in products wireless audio, smart bracelets.

During the last quarter of the year 2018, the Xiaomi is the leader in this market so that she was standing behind the one device out of four devices sold, but the company has seen Huawei’s significant growth by 206%, after it sold 4.3 million devices wearable in the last three months of the year 2018. This has helped Huawei to bypass the Apple TV which had a market share of 10 percent in the last quarter and 11 percent for the century as a whole.

As is the case in the smartphone market, it is dominance on the market of wearable devices in China by the company of the five best-selling smartphones in the country. According to the statistics of IDC, it has been selling 64 percent of devices by both Xiaomi and Huawei, Apple and BBK and Lifesense in the fourth quarter of 2018 with the knowledge that this share did not exceed 57 percent before 12 months. Saw all these five companies first increase in shipments, and expected IDC to continue this way even up to 120 million devices by the year 2023.

Among the wearable devices most popular on the market are smart watches designed for children and used by parents to track their children. Among the 72.3 million devices sold, there were 21.67 million your children with the knowledge that 38 percent of these devices supports networks fourth generation 4G. Will this share in the future thanks to the migration from 2G and 3G, and also because of improved sales on the internet.

With regard to this topic, explained the director of the research institution IDC, Mr. Pan Xuefei that the sensors heart rate and other health-related products will continue to strengthen the market and we expect to join other manufacturers to the party in the near future.

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