The demand for the iPhone X is reduced, but headache for Samsung

Maybe demand for the iPhone X has not met the expectations of Apple, what suggests including a recent price reduction on the smartphone in Russia. But the money of our beloved product still brings a lot, but the main supplier of OLED displays for the smartphone clearly has serious problems.

As reported by Japanese newspaper Nikkei, Samsung by the end of March will reduce the volume of production of OLED panels up to 20 million units, whereas originally it was planned to produce 45 to 50 screens. For this purpose the plant was built with a cost of 12.6 billion dollars, and now it is obvious that these investments were not justified.

All these problems will be the consequence of the fact that for the first half of the division of Samsung display products will suffer serious losses, the extent of which remains to be calculated. According to the Nikkei, the company is actively seeking new partners who could sell unrealized displays.

If to consider, to put it mildly, imperfect nature of relations between Apple and Samsung, Cupertino is unlikely to greatly worry about the fact that framed its South Korean partner. Have something to say on this topic? Join the discussion in official chat in Telegram!

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