The demand for mining collapsed. The supplier of chips for Bitmain reported last year

Chip maker TSMC is the main supplier of equipment mining-giant Bitmain – spoke about a significant decline in demand for mining-chips in 2018. During a recent telephone call with investors, CEO C. C. Wei said that before to cryptosphere had a lot more orders, but after cryptorama in late 2017, the demand began to decline. The firm still expects a profitable year. The decrease in demand for asik presumably compensate for the new high-performance chips for smartphones.

Wei did not expect such a question and quite politely replied that in the current year, the company cannot predict such a volatile industry.

It is clear that cryptocurrency mining this year will be significantly less than in the past. Right now it is difficult to calculate everything as a percentage, therefore we diversify your portfolio to new customers and other products. However, a significant increase in activity can be expected, except that in the second half of this year and mass production will start only next year.

Recall that in mid-2018 TSMC because of the miners broke its own record for profits. However, after that the demand for mining equipment declined due to the fall in prices of cryptocurrencies.

At the same time a member of the Board of Directors of TSMC, mark Liu allegedly spoke in defense of Bitmain.

We can’t speak for the entire market in aggregate, as our sales in particular is based on one major client.

As previously reported edition of CCN, Bitmain continues massive layoffs and reshuffles in the leadership of the company.

More data look at cryptodata. To monitor the situation with a course of cryptocurrency will allow our rating. For example, today the market capitalization is $ 120 billion.

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