The deal: a comprehensive look at the interface of Samsung One UI new

Samsung has recently revealed a whole new interface to the identity of their future called One of the UI aims to simplify elements of the system, and access to the benefits of trade and development; where came a new fact a lot of visual enhancements and the new features, we’ll talk about the most important in the coming lines.

Big changes in One UI

Reality has become tidy and clean in general instead of being filled with the elements, since One UI is based on Android 9 you’ll see the lists of settings and whiter with a slight blue tint. Re Samsung designed application icons and Quick Settings improvements collectively, but the only thing I didn’t touch it Samsung is app drawer still displays apps vertically instead of horizontally.

In order to adapt the fact with use of with one hand, Samsung has allocated the upper part to display content only in the fact, to clean the buttons and controls down where you display the content or the bottom of the screen. As an example, you like Quick Settings, which has previous history in the upper part and the transfer of the icon of the settings and options and search for the center, almost, and then transfer the icons to the Quick Settings bottom page you will find a slider control the brightness of the screen.

And reorganized the lists of Settings from two sides: the transfer of some of the menus from their old to a suitable place, leaving applications and notifications, which were scattered A with. Also collected the lists of related settings under subheadings within the section of settings such as assembling the lock screen and scales of life in a single group within the Department of privacy and security.

The Samsung theme Dark (dark mode) to the interface where it can be activated to introduce the color black in fact; if the skin is dark gray in the Pixel reduces battery consumption to 60% to continue for a long time, we expect the rationalization of consumption by the largest with the Black color on the screens for used in a lot of phones Korean giant. This addition adds to his theme of comfort during use at night, so provided the Samsung option the automatic execution between skin dark and others normal with sunset and Sunrise.

Simplified the the Samsung of the form navigation buttons to become the button “Home” Box carousel button “recent” on the form of a set of vertical. Though not want to use the navigation buttons, you can activate the system, the gestures of private choose to the buttons, where you drag up from the hand to the place where there was a button to do its job, the withdrawn from the bottom of the screen to the left will raise the window of the former, and so with the rest of the buttons.

Finally, improved Samsung from the list of open applications recently, to become display applications where horizontally as offered by the Android Platform 9.

Other features in One UI

– The screen has become a permanent (Always-on display) that displays information about the shipment and the design of new goods and added the option to “click to activate” for those who don’t want to use it all the time in preparation for the arrival of the phones category is expected with an LCD screen that requests energy to illuminate the Black color cells of the screens of Olid.

– There is the feature of a scene enhancer the application of the camera, is supposed to automatically hang up on things, food, places and people.

– Keyboard change color depending on the app you are using, and offers the option to make it floating to move it to any place in the screen.

– The camera has become support formula for HEIF, which reduce the image size to almost half.

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