The deadly great white sharks revealed a larger and more bloodthirsty enemy

White sharks are considered one of the most bloodthirsty marine predators, but observations of marine ecologists have proved that even they have worst enemies, which they should steer clear. These enemies turned out to be a killer whale is the only cetacean predators are always eager to feast on warm-blooded animals. Comparison of multiple datasets revealed that at the sight of killer whales and white sharks immediately swim away from his place of hunting, and do cetaceans predators with great pleasure eat a certain internal organ of sharks.

Белая акула и косатка

These conclusions were made after studying the two sets of data on the movement of 165 marked by the GPS sensors of sharks in the period 2006 to 2013, and information about the populations of whales and seals gathered by the organization Point Blue Conservation Science. The team of researchers analyzed four cases of collision of white sharks and killer whales in a National marine sanctuary Big Farallones.

The data showed that whenever killer whales appeared in the area of hunting white sharks, those immediately swam away and could not appear in this place for a long time. They always went far, it has been observed that sometimes they are moved only to a safe distance along the shore, where he can find food.

Faced with killer whales, white sharks immediately leave their preferred hunting site and may not return for a year, even if orcas were just passing through.

Salvador Jorgensen, ecologist

Fears of white sharks is justified because their length does not exceed 5 meters, while the length of killer whales can reach up to 9 meters. It is noteworthy that orca always eat the liver of sharks, which are rich in oils and vitamins. It is also known that cetaceans predators prey on elephant seals, but attacks are extremely rare.

It is quite more open for scientists, because to follow the interaction of marine predators is difficult. Recently the researchers made another discovery relating to white sharks, their body is so resilient that withstands the content of heavy metals in the blood.

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