The date of an upcoming hard forks Constantinople called officially. When the update?

During the meeting the developers of Ethereum Foundation on Friday, the programmers managed to reach consensus on the final date of the activation of hard forks Constantinople. The procedure was scheduled for the block at number 7 080 000, which will be produced in the interval between 14 and 18 January. Earlier, hardwork was postponed several times due to problems with testatom Ropsten.

Initially, the upgrade of the network Ethereum was to be held in October prior to the conference Devcon4. However, due to poor organization of the event (hardwork tried to test for output) programmers had to postpone the procedure. They stated that it will transfer the activation to the beginning of 2019.

New update Ethereum is on the way

One of the creators of client go-ethereum Martin Canvas Svend said that the new version of its software will “kill switch” by which the activation of hard forks will be set aside in case of unforeseen difficulties.

In addition to some changes in the project code, Constantinople also needs to defer for 18 months the so-called “bomb of complexity” is one of the main supporting mechanisms for the transition to the algorithm of the Proof-of-Stake. The reward for mining a single block of Ethereum will be reduced from 3 to 2 ETH.

In Ethereum Foundation are working on another direction — ProgPoW algorithm, which should improve the sustainability of the network for cryptocurrency ASIC mining. The progress is going according to plan, but the developers have not yet decided which upgrade will start ProgPoW.

Image source — Neos Kosmos

While we collect the available options on the basis of which we make further decisions.

Finally, the third global task in terms of programmers — upgrade ethereum 1x, which should significantly improve network scalability cryptocurrencies. Head of communications at Ethereum Foundation Hudson Jameson said that now all the developers meeting about 1x ethereum will be held in the open mode.


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