The creators promise MonteCrypto bitcoin to those who will play

Usually game developers get the money from users and not Vice versa. In the best case, players can count on free skins, tools or case studies. The creators MonteCrypto went the other way — promise to transfer one bitcoin to someone who will solve all quests in the new game.

Bitcoin without attachments

The game will appear on the Steam platform on February 20, reported CCN. Entrance will cost two dollars. While on the horizon looms single bitcoin which today provide more than 10 thousand dollars.

To get the prize you need to solve 24 puzzles. The difficulty will be high, so players will be able to join forces. It seems that in this case the prize will be divided between the winners.

The trailer is interesting. Clearly alluding to the cool atmosphere, from where you will catch your breath.

Points of mystery adds to the story with the developers. The creators released the game on behalf of unknown team Gem Rose Accent. Say, will reveal their real names only after the winner will receive a prize.

The news gave rise to pre-blame developers for same. Some foreign readers believe that the bitcoin will simply forget.

If you are willing to risk the two dollars, go to the page of the game to the Incentive. The Russian language in the menu, so arm yourselves with dictionaries.

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