The creators of “Bereshit” will receive a million dollars for landing on the moon. But not from Google

Rates for space mission private Israeli company SpaceIL, who created the lunar landing module “Bereshit”, that is currently routed to the satellite of the Earth, pretty good increased. If all goes as planned and on 11 April the robot cell, “in the beginning” will make a soft landing in the lunar crater of the Sea of Clarity, it will not only make SpaceIL first private company, which will succeed (thus it will make Israel the fourth country after the USSR, USA and China, which managed to land a spacecraft on the surface of the moon), but also will allow her to earn good money.

The organization X Prize Foundation promised to pay SpaceIL $ 1 million in the case of a successful landing of the device on the surface of the satellite of our planet.

“The mission of SpaceIL demonstrates the democratization of the sphere of space research. We with optimism for this project, considering it the first Domino, the fall of which would open the way and start a chain reaction of commercial missions to the moon and beyond,” — said in a statement, founder and CEO of X Prize Peter Diamandis.

Non-profit organization X Prize Foundation conducts competitions aimed at new technological discoveries and achievements in various fields. One such area was the space. The competition Google Lunar X Prize participants were given a specific time to write, send, to land on the moon and spacecraft to spend with him some activity (move 500 meters on the moon’s surface, to hold the pictures/video and send this material to the Ground). The total prize Fund of the contest amounted to $ 30 million. The first team would have coped with this task, would get the bulk of this amount. The contest ended last year, however, the winner in this was not determined – none of the participants could not prepare my lander to the established contest deadline.

One of the participants was an Israeli company SpaceIL, founded in 2011.

“Despite the fact that the Foundation Google Lunar X Prize was unclaimed, we are very pleased that we were able to stimulate a variety of teams from around the world to develop their ambitious lunar missions. We are therefore proud to announce that we will be able to celebrate the achievements of the company SpaceIL this award Moonshot Award”, — said General Director of the X Prize Anoush Ansari in the same statement.

The X Prize Foundation add that this is not “single action”. The organization will consider the possibility of encouraging other private companies to decide on such an ambitious mission to land spacecraft on the lunar surface.

A small 1.5-meter lander “Bereshit”, which in Hebrew means “in the beginning”, was launched to the Earth with the help of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 SpaceX American company on 21 February.
For their five-week journey to the moon module made several corrective maneuvers to enter a trajectory of convergence with the satellite. The apparatus needs to enter the orbit of the moon on 4 April. Landing module to the surface will be made a week later.

The total cost of the mission, including launch, cost the organizers about $ 100 million. The major portion of the managed to attract private investors.

It is expected that the module will be able to collect some scientific information about the moon. The project aims to inspire the young generation of Israelis in a greater interest in science and technology. As it is noted that on Board the “Bereshit” contains digital copy of the archive with thirty millions of pages of human history and culture. This “lunar library” was provided by the organization Arch Mission Foundation, which has set a goal to save the backup database with information about all the knowledge and achievements of humanity in different parts of the Solar system.

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