The Creator of the Mars Rovers will handle the cars in the Apple

Apple often entices people from different companies — from Nike to Mercedes Benz. The same goes for employees of Google that are noticed by the HR Department of the company from Cupertino.

It happened with one of the key project engineers Google Waymo, which was engaged in the search giant’s development of software for unmanned vehicles. She once spent several years at NASA, where he helped run the Rovers. Needless to say that experience of a new employee’s Apple.

An Apple representative confirmed the transition of the engineer from Google.

Since, as alleged, the company’s vehicles were seen on the roads, Apple has registered 24 cars to test the autopilot system, whereas previously in the possession of tech giants had only three cars.

All the purchased vehicles are a Lexus RX450h, which Corporation subsequently was equipped with lidar and other sensors that the car could drive without a driver. However, at least one person is always in the car: it may not be

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