“The Creator of Bitcoin” was accused of fraud by 5 billion dollars

Craig Wright, the self — proclaimed Creator of Bitcoin. In October, he did not see any good reason for hogla cryptocurrency, calling it a waste of time. On the eve of the businessman accused of misappropriation of cryptocurrency and technologies at $ 5 billion.

“Satoshi Nakamoto” got sued in court

The case related to bitcoin Dave Kleiman — colleagues of Craig Wright. Dave died in 2013, after which laminarnye coins were the property of Wright, reports RBC.

Brother Kleiman convinced of the illegality of the change of ownership. According to him, Craig forged signatures and contracts, for which coins had been passed to him. The family of Kleiman considers himself the real owner of more than one million bitcoin and blockchain, which had previously belonged to Dave.

Craig forged a number of contracts, which involves the transfer of assets to the Dave companies and structures Craig. Craig made them retroactively and forged the signature of Dave.

The value of the assets is estimated at $ 5 billion.

In 2011, Wright and Kleiman founded the company W&K Info Defense Research. Entrepreneurs engaged in mining in large volumes — at the time of death Kleiman they had at least 1.1 million coins.

The plaintiff presented the court with evidence in the form of correspondence between two colleagues. In it is mentioned the percentage of Wright and Kleiman, which amounted to 300 thousand and 700 thousand bitcoins, respectively. Of the proceedings and final decision of the court will hear later.

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