The court rejects the case on Google because of the facial recognition technology

المحكمة ترفض قضية مرفوعة على قوقل بسبب تقنية التعرف على الوجه

It seems that the facial recognition feature in the service of the Google image didn’t notice the desirability of as many users as the police thought, as some did Progress a case against the company claiming that it collects biometric information to them without the face really, but the good fortune of the company that the judge dismissed the case after nearly two and a half years.

Was the support may be lifted in March 2016, and demanded to pay $ 5 million to residents of the state of Illinois due to the collection of Google information of the images to recognize the face without getting permissions from the users, which violates the laws of privacy protection of the user.

It can be said that the judges refused to believe a very logical, since the company challenged users ‘ photos in the photo service by selecting the users themselves, the people in the pictures, water is also help in the search for images of persons and animals within the list of images that is determined, and this is probably the reason the judge does not find sufficient evidence to penetrate the Google user’s privacy especially since the water action comes after the user steps there of his own choosing.

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