The court ask Apple to compensate Qualcomm 31 heads$ million for violating three patents

المحكمة تطلب من آبل تعويض كوالكوم بـ31$ مليون لانتهاك ثلاث براءات اختراع

Released the grand jury decision hinged on a dispute of Apple and Qualcomm-based a while ago about the violation of the first patent, and asked Apple to pay only$ 31 million in compensation for its Qualcomm because of the damage inflicted by the violation of three patents in the iPhone.

This issue is considered one of several brought by Qualcomm against Apple and vice versa, have been submitted to the court in July of 2017 to implement the jury’s disagreement, the agreement on patent infringement and having to pay a large amount, which was mainly demanded by Qualcomm before the start of the meeting, according to CNet prior to the resumption of the court hearings to issue a final verdict next month.

The structured patent that has been violated about technique help speed up the network connection and once turned on the device, and for image processing and the preservation of the battery, the second was about technology working to organize and accelerate the transfer of data between the modem and the processor in the phones.

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