The cost of foldable Galaxy Fold was the highest in the history

High retail price of the Galaxy Fold due to the abundance of unique technologies never before used in the production of smartphones. That only is a folded-in display, which changed repeatedly during the development process. It is logical that it cost the manufacturer not only time consuming, but also significant financial losses, which resulted subsequently in the highest in the history of the smartphone the cost of the device.

As reported by Indian insider Ishan Agarwal (Ishan Agarwal), showing tremendous awareness of the new smartphones from popular manufacturers, the cost of Galaxy Fold is a record 1200 US dollars. This price was specified in the estimates of a batch of 50 machines, which are imported into India ahead of the official start of sales. Obviously, the device is intended for employees of shops of Samsung, which will be trained on interaction with them.

The cost of a smartphone

In this case we are talking about the cost of the Galaxy Fold, but not the cost of all its components, which will obviously be much less. Anyway, $ 1,200 is the amount that Samsung itself estimates the smartphone, which is not subject to taxation, because it is not designed for sale and, as a consequence, will not bring the manufacturer a profit.

Galaxy Fold will appear in the official sale on may 3, 2019. Its retail price will be 1980 U.S. dollars. For the money the consumer will receive not only a smartphone but also an additional year unconditional warranty, which allows you to apply for a replacement of unit in case of any damage, as well as an exclusive Concierge service. The same privilege was formerly granted only to owners of smartphones brands such as Vertu and Mobiado, signifying their special status.

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