The controller state will not work wirelessly with phones and when ever

Google will launch a streaming service of cloud gaming States on November 19 next, but the bad news is you won’t be able to use the controller wirelessly with your phone or your computer.

The console is supports wireless connectivity through Bluetooth, but when released it will be possible to connect them wirelessly with Chromecast only, and you will need to connect them to the wired by cable USB-C smartphones and computers.

When did Google announce the control unit for the first time in March, did clarify how you can easily switch from playing on TV to a laptop or phone while using the console, without having to connect them to each device manually, because the console will remain connected to servers Stadia across the network to your Wi-Fi.

But recently, I published Google recently cut a new video shows that playing Wireless will be available only on the Chromecast Ultra at the launch of the service, and assured the Community Manager Google on Reddit that means that you will need to use of cable USB-C to other devices, probably because the Bluetooth also will not be an option.

Tell us Google is as focused on running games wireless on TV first, because they want to be the big screen experience as good as possible. And this makes sense to me, so that if the Google competition in the field of games, you should make a game games Stadia on TV easy to sit on the couch, totally as an experiment to play using the controller of PlayStation or Xbox.

Source: 9to5google

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