The continuation of the Banquet: hackers again brought coins with Cryptopia

Two weeks after the news about the hacking of Cryptopia exchange is still under the control of hackers. This was reported yesterday Analytics firm Elementus in his blog. Recall guide Cryptopia has suspended the trading platform after a hacker attack on January 15. Representatives of the exchange said that now she’s going through “unscheduled maintenance work”.

Cryptopia trapped

20 Jan Elementus experts estimate that the total damage from the burglary amounted to $ 16 million in the Ethereum and stolen ERC-20 tokens. Judging by the movement of the funds, the hackers sent the coins with the two main wallets of the exchange.

The translation of the coins are still up — just today the fraudsters have already stolen 1675 ETH 17 000 purses Cryptopia. This 175 875 dollars at the current rate. 5000 of these wallets were emptied during the first attack, but since that time means to them appeared again.

Experts believe that the continuation of the hacking are the same person, as the cryptocurrency is forwarded to the same purses that during the first break. Analysts are also confident of the helplessness of the exchange — its leadership simply does not have access to their own purses, as they are still controlled by the hackers.

Source: NewsAltCoins

Earlier, research firm Chainalysis found that only two of the group of hackers responsible for stealing more than a billion dollars in bitcoin, over the past few days. According to experts, cyber criminals have to use complicated schemes to launder money to bring such a huge amount in Fiat.

At the moment the user Cryptopia has not yet given any comments regarding the confirmation or refutation of a hacker attack. In order not to miss important news be sure to subscribe to our cryptcat. You can also follow the rates of the coins in the ranking of cryptocurrencies. Data is up to date.


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