The consent of Intel and Qualcomm to ban from the United States on Huawei

Expect the repercussions of the ban and restrictions Black List developed by Trump on Huawei, where a report revealed by Bloomberg on the consent of both Intel and Qualcomm on the ban imposed on the Chinese giant, and both companies steps to prevent the supply of Huawei’s chip has.

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Scroll the Prohibition of the blacklist to a new level today with the consent of all of the makers of chips Qualcomm and intel on the implementation of the ban, are also available both companies for the supply of Huawei’s chip during the coming period in the framework of pleasing the American administration.

Projections indicate that both Qualcomm and Intel had to agree on the Prohibition of the United States to avoid provoking the wrath of the American administration, is also preparing to Qualcomm to face the restrictions imposed on the existing partnerships with Huawei as a result of existing business between the two companies.

This new development in the ban on the Huawei and stops the supply of Intel not chip at the time the company started Huawei in achieving progress and positive reviews idea of the new laptops.


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