The conference of Apple’s annual developers WWDC 2019 will be officially held in the first week of June

wwdc 2019

Apple has announced officially today that it will hold its annual conference for developers WWDC 2019 in the city of San Jose, California in the period from 3 to 7 June.

As usual, the company will be held many meetings and consultations, laboratories, practical training for developers to learn about all the new software that will be announced and also to learn more about existing products. Will the developers who will be attending on the chance to spend some time with other developers as well as the team responsible for the development of hardware and software in the Apple during this period.

Will be the pricing of the tickets by about 1599 USD and the selection of developers by the drawing of lots as usual always. There are also scholarships for students and members of the foundation STEM to get a free ticket and accommodation and one year of membership in the program, Apple Developer Program.

Of course, the most interesting for us is that Apple will as usual always in this event detects the following versions of operating systems, including iOS, MacOS and WatchOS and TvOS. Regardless of the software, there is also the possibility that Apple detects some new hardware, such as the new generation of Mac Pro. Generally, the expectation that the major announcements on the first day of the event, which means on June 3.


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