The compound of lanthanum and hydrogen broke the record of superconductivity

Superconductors are gaining momentum, and the champion may be overthrown at any moment. Appeared immediately two studies on the topic of superconductivity — the transmission of electricity without resistance at temperatures that are higher than observed before. The effect is manifested in the compounds of lanthanum and hydrogen, compressed under very high pressure.

All known superconductors are only being supercooled, which makes them difficult to use in the real world. If scientists have discovered a superconductor, working at room temperature, this material could be integrated into electronic devices and wires, saving a huge amount of energy that is lost due to electrical resistance. Why scientists are constantly searching for high temperature superconductors. The current record belongs to hydrogen sulfide, which also need to be compacted — it operates at a temperature of -70 degrees Celsius.

New superconductor broke the record

A new manifestation of superconductivity has resulted in a sharp drop in resistance in Lantana-hydrogen compounds when cooled to a certain temperature. One group of physicists found that the resistance decreases with -13 degrees Celsius, when the temperature of the cold winter day. A superconductor material has become under the pressure of 2 million atmospheres, being compressed by two diamonds. Some samples showed superconductivity at higher temperatures (up to 7 degrees).

The first paper on this subject authored by Russell Hemli from George Washington University and his colleagues was published on 23 August

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